Feeling Lost without Lost

My husband came home Tuesday night and said "What time is Lost on?" (or something like that) and for a second I forgot it was all over. Then he smiled at me and we both laughed. I really wanted to cry a little bit more, or weep really. I didn't get to blubber too much Sunday night while watching the finale of Lost. I might watch it again when I'm all alone and let it all out some time in the future.
I've been reading reviews of the finale, and I know a lot of viewers were disappointed in the text book ending (heaven in a row boat?). I don't want to give away anything more, so if you haven't watched it, you might want to stop reading right now.
Apparently everything that happened on the island really happened. But it was a means to an end, the actual things that happened there were a vehicle for the core group of characters to grow and reach their full human potential, and ultimately heavenly potential. It was really a story about Jack Shepherd, and how he came to believe less in science and more in faith. It was a journey about life, suffering, death, pain, hardship, and about birth, joy, love, belief, togetherness. All the things that we humans live through together, but separately.

I read this today: " All of that island drama, that wasn't what the story was EVER about, hard as that may be to accept. The plane crash and the Others and the time travel and the DHARMA initiative and even the war between Smokey and Jacob, all of those events were just a means to an end; tools to tell the story of the salvation of all of these characters. And while it ended on a distressingly unimaginative literal religious note, we don't mean "salvation" in the strictly Christian sense. This was the story of a group of people who saved themselves and saved each other; who all went from being desperately unhappy and unloved to finding the best of themselves and the best in other people. It's the story of how a bunch of sinners made it to heaven."
~ Tom and Lorenzo (read the whole story here)

When I read that I started getting teary again. Because it is true. We didn't see it coming, but the whole series ended up being about salvation and true love. And everyone loves a happy ending don't they?

I'm sincerely going to miss my Lost friends...I knew them so well. I enjoyed their performances. I loved watching them grow and change and stay the same. This was a great show for our times, when we all live so separately from one another...it's something to strive for, to find friends we want to spend eternity with. Love you Lost. Gonna miss you Jack.

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