Our Down-South Trip...photos

Holland loves the beach...sometimes. (In her new suit from Children's Place, now lost)

Darcy looks so cute...she is sitting on my knee. She did not like the wind or the sand this day.

Grandma and the Great Grand Children (Kathryne on far right is the eldest)

My lovely cousin Tina and her family with Grandma
(the one's we went to FL with)

Cute little cousins! (second cousins?) Our kids all look like us when we were little too.

Me with my lovely 90 year old Grandma (Edna Rhiner Bradford)

Grandma in the middle with her kids seated next to her
grandkids, spouses are standing
great grand children are seated in front

Holland and Darcy at the pool on Holland's birthday
(Destin, FL) 5/10/2010

We went crabbing after the mega fireworks on 5/10/10

I totally spaced on posting some pics of our trip...it was fun, but a lot of hard work...so many kids and people with "issues". I guess I forget about that when we don't see our family very often. Growing up we lived on the other side of the country, so we rarely saw all the Louisiana cousins etc. They are very sweet and adorable kids.
The drive from Florida to Missouri went pretty well. My right ankle swelled up from sitting so long, and the girls got pretty cranky near the end. Of course, the hotel I reserved in Memphis had a pool that was closed, so we couldn't swim. (That was the whole point of getting the hotel). The last three hours of the trip were the worst...I got lost and was practically falling asleep at the wheel. But we made it home safely...then I had to detox from eating candy and McDonalds.
Thanks for traveling with me!

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