Keeping it busy, keeping it real

Holland's 5th Birthday party

I've been pretty busy since I got home from our trips a few weeks ago. Here's a short synopsis of what has been happening:

Veggie Patch - Gardening is just plain hard work. Weeding, seeding, watering, bending over a lot. But when you see those magnificent tomatoes start coming in, or the giant squash plant throwing out makes you realize what life is all about.

Front yard flowers - A tiny makeover for the front...we'll see if they survive.

Kitchen cabinet makeover - A lot of sanding, priming and painting...but oh so worth it!

Allergy & Diet research - Holland has grain and vanilla allergies to add to the list... what will she be eating? Links, recipes and my shopping list (totally changed now). Coming soon!

Shopping online - searching for Leapster 2 games, much cheaper at than at Target.
Also purchasing gluten free and grain free products at amazon. Chebe bread is a new favorite for making pizza dough. I also purchased coconut oil and Bob's Red Mill in mass quantities.

The Blog Guidebook - Lyndsay and I got the new business up and running. Check it out!

Yard sale addiction - There are so many sales around here that you can't help but stop and get something!

Farmer's Market and Gluten Free muffins - Trying to break into the muffin not as easy as one would think. Maybe I'll change the name to cupcakes instead.

Jewelry - I enjoy making earrings and bracelets. With Hobby Lobby right around the corner I can pop up there with my coupon and get something cute. Now I just have to get organized enough to make a few new things.


  1. Sounds like you are going strong. My little girl, my youngest of four is turning three tomorrow. I have a great friend who makes a mean muffin if you ever want a recipe.

  2. I had to go gluten free 2 years ago after figuring out my stomach problems were Celiac Disease. It's tough when you're 44 and have had all those years of eating foods you love that just happen to have gluten! I didn't know Amazon carried gluten free food. I've been getting most of my bread products from The shipping is a bit much, but so far I like the breads and cookies I've been getting. I'd love to check back and see how you are doing with your muffin/cupcakes.