Creative Juices...Let them flow!!!

I've decided to jump on board and be in the mix of the creative bloggers...even though I don't particularly feel creative at the moment. I have labeled myself a dabbler. I pretty much dabble in everything at some point, but at the moment have been enjoying painting furniture and cabinetry, and collecting art supplies that I hope I will use one day.
We moved to this house in late November last year, and I have only recently aquired a place that I feel comfortable enough in to call my office. It's actually the sunroom that was enclosed, it has lots of windows and air conditioning and it is very quiet. There is a lovely view of my huge back garden (which I adore and am afraid of all at the same time) and vegetable patch.
My creative moments include the following: spray painting, stamping, faux painting, sewing, jewelry making, baking, and blogging like a mad woman. With the advent of the Blog Guidebook and Beautify My Blog, I get busy in spurts, usually when I am busy with my baking business or when I'm refinishing the kitchen cabinets (post coming soon).
So hope you enjoy seeing my little corner of the world. The midwest "ain't" that bad in the spring and summer...I'm actually starting to enjoy my beautiful home.
Have a great time checking out Where Bloggers Create!

Just click on the collages to enlarge.
All photos posted here. Let me know if you can view them or not.
You can also click here to check out my creative space last year.
(It's different!)


  1. Great post, I need to photograph my creativity station. It moves around the house and I work out of a closet but it is my closet.

  2. What a cozy, inviting room! I love the blue accents (naturally), the sofa (ooh I wish I had one in my studio!) and the huge colored pomanders hanging from the ceiling!
    Thanks for sharing, and Happy Party!!!

  3. 'Dabbler', I like the sound of that! I also Love your blue desk x

  4. Love your blue desk and the birdhouse is enticing!
    Queen Bee Studio

  5. Anonymous10:37 AM

    I'm a dabbler too. :) And I agree - your blue desk is fabulous!!!
    Have a great weekend,

  6. Great creative space! Love to dabble in everything, too. so, enjoyed my visit with you. Enjoy the rest of the party.

  7. Great photos! What a wonderful space to create in.
    Best wishes,

  8. What an amazing space you have created! You have inspired me to add to my own crafting area.

    I adore all of your storage solutions.

  9. I love your craft space collage-very creative presentation. The blue is great!

  10. Thank you so much for joining the party this year!
    I really enjoyed peaking inside your creative place!
    Enjoy your blog hopping!!
    My Desert Cottage

  11. What a lovely space - I love the splash of blue! Thanks for sharing your space with us.

  12. Thanks for sharing your space, I love the baby blue desks, and have a weakness for birdhouses and fairies.

  13. Oooh, that blue looks so pretty and peaceful! Thank you for sharing.

  14. Cute cozy space to all the creating you wish...and a very pretty shade of blue...thanks for sharing.

  15. You have a great space to work it.....I love the blue desk and inspiration board!

  16. What a wonderfully inspiring space! I adore your blue desk.

  17. Thanks so much for sharing your space with us, enjoyed my visit. I love your desk, beautiful.

  18. Love that blue desk. It was the first thing I saw. Also love those birdie earrings. So cute. Looks like a very fun space to create your art in.

  19. You have a really nice studio. I don't think my family would let me take over our sun room. That would be fantastic to have lots of windows and a view of a garden. Thanks for sharing. Connie

  20. What a sweet little sun room studio! I love the happy blue desk. Thank you for sharing.

  21. Thanks for showing us your wonderful space where you create... I love your collage picture, what a great idea... Your blue desk is just as cute as can be!! I have enjoyed my little visit..
    Happy Creating..

  22. Thank you for the snippets. Love your blue desk and creations. Thanks for sharing. Angela

  23. I too love your blue desk and the other blue things in your room (blue is one of my favourite colours). Thank you so much for sharing your space.

  24. Hi Sarah! So glad to visit your creative space...I just love the blue furniture and the striped cushions on your reading chair. I'm surprised that you don't have your desk in front of the window in lieu of the sofa table...but maybe you'd be too distracted by the views in good weather and too cold in the winter months. I know how that is because we use to live in NH and it was Your new space looks very spacious compared to last years as well. I don't know how you did it with three kids in 900 sq.ft. I'm whinning about 700 sq.ft. for me and DH here at the Love more! But having limited spoace does make you more resourceful and picky about what you hold onto. We did the opposite of you and downsized twice in one year from 3,600 sq.ft. to 1,400 sq.ft. to now 700 sq.ft. I am glad to say that we are settled for good now and taking advantage of our time to travel and enjoy life. Hope you have a wonderful week! I'm trying to get through this life of WBC II and I think it is going to take all summer ;)
    Fondly, Roberta

    1. Thanks Roberta! Your comment is awesome!

  25. I like the blue and white in your space, it looks fresh and light. Very nice.

  26. Hi there!
    I'm still visting creative spaces... I'm a dabbler too and one of my favorite passions is painting cast offs like you! Your space is light and cheery!
    Happy Dabbling!
    Stop by Dandelion Workshop when you get a chance!
    Deborah Jean

  27. I love the new blue desk in your studio. Yes, I am still visiting the participants in the 'where bloggers create' event...and having a great time. Thank you for sharing your creative space with us. Have a wonderful weekend. ~Natalie

  28. Anonymous6:02 AM

    If I had a sofa in my craft room I may never leave it... Hey thats an idea! Thanks so much for the inspiration. I am new to the blog world (2 wks!) and am really enjoying this hop. Thanks~ Sherry F.

  29. Morning, yep I am still making the rounds of WBC. I am so glad you found a space to call your own and that your starting to enjoy living in your new home, it can be hard at times. Your space is full of fun. I, too like to dabble. Come by for a visit at Big Horn Mountain Creations.

  30. What an adorable space you have. So cozy!