A Farmer's LIfe - Recycled Harry & David jars

Plus This...
Plus This...
Equals This:
Betcha don't recognized this jar...
I bought a bunch for 10cents each... here they are being sterlized...
The pickles have turned out beautifully...
They are small but perky.
Cut a circle of cloth (I used old curtains) and tie with cord..
Notice the cute shelf...also a yardsale find for $3...originally ugly brown.

The Story Behind The Pickles:

I'm growing organic cucumbers in my garden (among many other things) and they are coming in quite strong. I really have no idea what to do with the little green suckers.

Then I remembered a box of yard sale jars I got from the neighbors, 10 cents a jar!

I immediately went to my local Walmart (where I don't go very often) and picked up some pickling spice and white vinegar. I realized later that I had those things already...just didn't know where.

I got all the jars out and washed them, threw them in a pot of boiling water to sterilize, meanwhile, washing and cutting up my cucumbers. I also had another smaller pot with the vinegar, sugar and spices heating up. As the jars were done I pulled them out with a noodle scooper and carefully started stuffing them with cucumbers. I couldn't decide the best way to cut them, but I think the spears fit nicely.
When they were all full, I used a ladle to pour the hot pickling liquid over them, leaving a 1/2 inch gap between the pickles and the lid. I screwed the warm lids on and placed them back in the slow boiling water for 5 minutes. This took a while, because I have no canning supplies...ahem!
I used cookie sheets to catch drips and water sploshes, and placed the hot jars on one on the stove. As they cooled I heard little pops. It was so neat.

I have given several jars away already to neighbors and friends...so I decided to come up with a way to prettify the jars...I cut up an old Ikea curtain, and placed a label from The Graphics Fairy on the front. A pretty darn cute hostess/host gift I think.

Only 12 more jars to attire...the little jewels are so sweet.
Now I have to find more jars to pickle in, as I have POUNDS of cucumbers (and tomatoes too) coming in.
It's the farmer's life for me this week. Yeeeehawwww!

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  1. I love how you made pickles pretty :)

  2. These look gorgeous, and I'm sure they are taste-e-licious! x

  3. Perfect pickles! These look fantastic, and from-your-garden!! pickled cucumbers. Thanks for sharing your pickling experience.

  4. I stumbled across your blog and I am so glad I did! I have been wanting someone to explain the "mechanics" (boiling jars, lids, sealing, etc) of canning for ages. Everyone says "Oh, it's so easy," but I've never done it before and was so excited to read how in-detail you went on how to do these processes :). Thanks so much!