A Crafty Day in the Neighborhood

Today is going to be a crafty sort of day. I'm going to make:
  • burlap roses and rosettes, and I want to turn one into a little girl's headband
  • silver chain and swarofski crystal earrings
  • tea stained gift tags (these are so cute!)
I'm hoping my girls will go to the park with our lovely sitter and give me some quiet time.
I usually clean and roam around the house when they're not here, but I really want to spend a moment with a cup of tea and some peace.

When they get back I will run to Hobby Lobby or the fabric store - need some muslin and more burlap as I can't find it anywhere!, pick up a few grocery items (maybe), and return some stuff to TJ Maxx (or I could do it later tonight right before they close so I don't have to wait in line!). I am seriously hoping the metal stamping materials I ordered will arrive today. I want to MAKE jewelry over the weekend. It's going to be pretty cool. If it's not I'll still wear it! I'm making "blogging" jewelry. Sshhh...Don't tell anyone...I don't think anyone is doing it yet.
I can even stamp a blog name onto a silver or copper tag.

Then, I was asked by my friend Debra of Inspirational Home if I wanted to coordinate an event at her store...so I have to ponder that for a while. Maybe a cookie swap or a craft. Oh and I have to make some flyers for the blogging class. I really, really want to do that. I'm considering offering a free class in the library over the winter.

Can you tell I'm wired? I drank coffee a bit early. No more for me. Maybe some tea.

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