My Latest To Do List

Monday thru Friday - Holland to school (make breakfast, get her dressed and out the door so she's not late. Grocery shop. Take dog to vet or groomer. Post Office to mail posters. Work on the Blog Guidebook updating, writing, editing, shipping, printing, planning. Check all shipments I have on the way and when they'll arrive (two are late!). Call anyone on my list.
All the above is before noon.

Other To Dos:

Make cupcakes on Friday for Darcy's birthday, decorate, wrap gifts, make crafts for kids

Tuesday - school picture day

Wednesday - school field trip to farm

Planning a reunion with my youth group/friends from the 80s. Wow! This will around Thanksgiving.

Planning my Mini Flea Market/ Holiday Boutique for November 5/6

Planning a Intro to Blogging Class (date to be determined)

Finishing up some design/print jobs

Finish painting the hallway and living room

Finish painting kitchen cabinet doors (only 6 to go)

Paint a shelf for my office

Urge dear husband to take out the sliding door, reface fireplace, finish french doors, or paint!

Go through things to sell, possibly make some jewelry?

Keep blogging.

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  1. And have conversations with Lyndsay while kids yell in the background... :)