In The Mood!

No, not that mood.

Went walk-about with my 80 something neighbor on Friday...we went on a Home Tour for the Holidays called Cup O Cheer. We toured five homes in Springfield, including ending up at the Ronald McDonald House for tea and dessert. There was quite a bit of driving involved, but it got more fun as the day progressed. We started at 10 a.m. and started our tour at a drop dead gorgeous home (that is my fave) with huge windows, a lake out the back door, large back terraced patio, sunshine flooding in everywhere and a master bathroom to die for. I loved the walk in shower and the soaker tub with the bead board around it...and as large as my master bedroom. (Gulp!)
The day actually got me in the Christmas mood. Which is amazing. I'm not a Christmas person, and not a winter person in general. But it was all very jolly and bright...which is a good thing when it's cold and snowy outside. So I'm now in the spirit of the holidays! Yay! Just have to make it through our dull Thanksgiving (no daughter, no parents, just the in-laws - love them but they live here...).

I also wanted to mention that I finally found some sneakers/tennis shoes to go walking/exercise in! My feet are large, I've worn flip flops too much so my feet are wider too. So I looked on Amazon and found Asics Size 11.5 Wide! They are white leather with aqua blue detail. Perfect for my style! The left one feels perfect, but the right is slightly touching my big toe. What the?
I'm keeping them. Wore them to the Farmer's Mkt. yesterday and felt great.
I got a special pedicure yesterday too...bliss! I haven't had OPI Bubble Bath on my toes for MONTHS!!! The gal, Cat, did a great job and really worked on me for a whole hour! Sometimes we moms just need a bit of pampering. I was in a great mood the rest of the day. I noticed that.
Maybe my husband should get one.

Tail wags and happy faces out to Starbucks Organic Yukon coffee! Yum!

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  1. Sounds like a great day. I had a craft show to help out at and it really put me in the mood of Christmas. Here's to pampered feet!