Getting Ready....

I just made this pincushion...I think I'll do a tutorial on it. Super easy!

I got it in my mind that a fluffy white rug would look fabulous in my living room, along with my white slip-covered sectional sofa from Ikea (love). I kept putting it off because I think they are over-priced. Well...they are! So I was shopping and saw one and got it. It looks very cute I think. I threw away all the packaging and sat back and enjoyed my white fluffy rug.
Then I saw a square of something on one corner. A stain of some sort? Indeed it is. Looks like ink from the packaging or being next to something with ink. Now I'm bummed. But I decided I'll keep it because going through the rigmarole of returning is just too much to bare.
Now, to finish the vision in my mind I have to finish re-upholstering the ottoman, and buy a few amazing red/maroon cushions I saw at TJMaxx. Also over-priced. Isn't everything?

I did do a few things to save money this year:
Shopped at Goodwill - got some gorgeous things there.
Handmade many gifts - see previous post.
Did not buy a new tree this year (although I would like to...may wait till sales after xmas).
Hubs and I are not exchanging gifts (but I am getting him a battery for his watch that I gave him two years ago). And darn it! I found the nicest leather jacket for him...and he needs a really warm coat since his car is not able to fit in the garage yet (mainly because I haven't finished my kitchen door painting project - sorry honey!)
I'm also baking tons of cookies and cakes to give to my neighbors and friends. I forgot how fun it is to give a homemade chocolate cake with ganache drizzled over it. (Used to give these to my guy friends back in the old days).
Saved a ton of cash buying photo Christmas cards through Target. I got 60 cards/envelopes for $20! A real bargain I think. I think I got too many though, as I've only used 35 so far.

Anyway...we'll be Christmassing at home again this year. I'm preparing a turkey and stuffing, and probably a pie. I found these super cute Christmas Crackers (I paid $9.99 at TJMaxx) that will make it very festive.

Guess I'll have to start cleaning up soon:

My crafting area...looking a bit dumpy eh?

Have a great few weeks getting ready for the holidays! Salute!

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