Wish you were here...

Love this girl of mine!
I'm in California today visiting my daughter, who just got engaged by the way.  I'm only freaking out a little bit.  I'm also sick with a terrible cough, cold, congestion and runny eye.  Very attractive.  I've got tons planned for this coming week, so please pray for me that I will get better. I'm also going to the women's retreat through our church here...can't miss that!

It sounds like I'm getting a makeover while I'm here:  eyes checked & new glasses, my Chinese-herbal chiropractor to work on my shoulder, a new hair cut and color, and a pedicure.
Now if I could just have a plastic surgeon trim off the excess 50 pounds, I'd be a new woman!

Of course, I have to lose the weight myself, no one else can do it for me.  I was shocked when I found out I'd gain 15 pounds over the holidays.  Having a frozen shoulder and tons of pain can make a girl do NOTHING for three months.

With Kathryne and Drew's engagement, and possible wedding in about a year, I have to get in shape and look amazing for the wedding (and myself).  I also want to shed a few before the big blogging event I'm going to in San Diego.

I've got the treadmill now, so I'm using that.  And hopefully the shoulder will keep improving so I can continue my gardening and house improvements.

While I'm here I have quite an extensive list of shops to visit:  Homegoods, Ikea, Smart & Final, Sun Thrift, Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, Penelope's, The Dish and more...oh and don't forget my dear friend Joe, Trader Joe that is. I have 20 pounds of weight in my suitcase...{hint hint}.

Off to have a shower and throw myself together...hoping to enjoy an afternoon at Descanso Gardens in the sun...

Wish you were here.

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