Back at home with the kids and a smelly dog

I've been back home for a week, what a transition. I have to get used to the girls bickering and talking incessantly. I have to do housework and loads of laundry all day long. My house is a mess btw. I spent all day yesterday cleaning the girls' bedrooms. I moved Holland back into the big bedroom, there's no carpet so hopefully more healthy for her. I am also pricing laminate flooring for the two carpeted bedrooms. Check out this cute style!
Now I have no room for any of my craft stuff...I'll have to put it all away in bins in the garage or along the bedroom wall. I do have an idea that I could incorporate a craft storage spot in the dining room built-ins that we're going to build...eventually.
The other thing going on is that the girls are still sick...Holland has had a fever twice in the past week. Darcy is coughing a lot. And I got a sore throat again...I don't want to be sick again...did that last week right?

This morning I got up and started digging in the garden. Gotta get that lettuce seed planted! I've got some little flowers to put in the front too.

Also starting physical therapy again today...hope it's not too terrible. I have a new physical therapist today too. Thank goodness the sun is shining and it's warmer.
We'll hopefully figure out our patio project this week and get that started. Plus I've got a new fridge coming...that's a good thing!

More on my Cali trip next time: Dr. Charles, no more dogs, parasites, and a retreat.

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