Guest Post at Hip Homeschool Moms

I am getting stoked! I get to write a guest post at Hip Homeschool Moms next February! Writing for another blog or website is a good idea helps get your blog out there and it keeps you on your best-writing-skills toes!  I'm sure I will be writing from the "new to homeschooling" perspective but can include some of the fun stuff we're doing at our co-op too. Like, today: I'm teaching a class to high school kids on baking. We're making muffins...hope that gets them excited! You can see what we're up to at Fireside Kitchen.

My guest post will be coming out February 10, 2012...but you can head over there now and find out what us "hip" moms who homeschool are like. Just kidding. I'm not hip - yet.

Hip Homeschool also hosts a blog hop so you can get to know other homeschool might want to check it out or even join in today!

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