What I'm Up To Now

Whew! My bad! I haven't been posting here in over a month...terrible! But I do have a valid excuse! We are a new homeschooling family...yay! I'll cover that in a sec...some other things going on:

1. I'm now teaching a cooking/baking class to high schoolers at our new homeschool co-op!

2. A few friends and I are starting a book club...we'll meet once a month to discuss!

3. The farmer's market and I are now addicted to each other...I go every Saturday and chat with my new friends: raw milk man, grass fed beef lady, and the lovely Menonite family that has great veggie prices. Oh, and Farm Girl Bakery...she makes the best turnovers and croissants (which I should not be eating!).

4. We adopted two Holland Lop-eared bunny rabbits - a lot of fun, but a lot of poop!

5. We're considering ducks or chickens (even though we live in the city limits I think we can have them as pets right?)

6. Holland (my middle daughter) is on a strict GRAIN FREE diet to help with her severe eczema. We're basically following the GAPS diet with some minor changes. We have yet to do the INTRO diet, because I'm scared of it...that part of course is the part that heals the gut lining so nutrition can be absorbed. I am making all our food from scratch and I am using local raw milk, local veggies, other organics, farm eggs (when available), and home grown stuff. She's also on high dose probiotics and a liquid vitamin, and she's drinking WATER! Unbelieveable! I'm trying a whole bunch of weird food on her, and she's eaten everything. God is good. She says I'm the BEST COOK EVER. Hee hee.

7. And, Darcy started a three day a week preschool (where Holland went) and she's doing great. It gives Holland and I some quiet time in the mornings to work on school stuff. Darcy is pretty demanding of Holland's time...so I'm trying to get the math, spelling and science done in the mornings. Darcy's teachers love her and she is the oldest in the class - much better than when we tried last year and she was the youngest.

8. Holland started piano lessons last week! Wow, it's so weird to list all this stuff...plus having bunnies, schoolwork, piano, ballet lessons on Saturdays and general house upkeep...what time is there for other stuff???

Clean out the garage before winter and have a garage sale in the next few weeks to help with the purge.
Clean out the garden shed so we can store the pool and the patio furniture.
Dig up the garden and prepare for next spring (ha! right!)
Finish interior house projects - bathroom, french doors, baseboards, and any painting.
I did get curtains made last week! Woot!

And somewhere in there I want to make pillow covers, build a closet in the bedroom, organize the girls' bedrooms, clean the house and defrost the deep freeze.

I think I need help.

Homeschool - here's a cute site that is positive and uplifting:

Hip Homeschool Moms Button

Homeschooling is going great, I just have to learn to keep up with my daughter. She's so smart! It's also hard to know how much stuff you need to buy at first...I've been trying to stay low key and only buy a few workbooks and look online etc. I've been having success at flea markets finding curriculum and reading books. I'm not a big schedule person, so it's hard for me to write a school schedule and stick with it....not sure if that's an issue yet. Holland loves it and is happy. That is what counts. I wish we had a few more hours alone during the day to study, but overall we're doing well in our third week. She's already read 14 books all by herself!

Have a great week everyone!

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