My own inventions

So a few weeks ago I thought I had invented something, and I did. It was completely from my own mind, I hadn't seen it anywhere, I just did it.
I made a hotdog into an octopus for my children's lunch...they were into swimming lessons and I thought it would be fun to stick with the theme. I took a hotdog, cut the bottom half of it into 8 legs and dug out some eyes and a smiley face. Then I fried it gently in a pan to get the legs to stay stuck out. It came out beautifully and I was genuinely impressed with myself.

Today I decided to Google "hot dog octopus" and see if anyone else had invented it. And boy had they! Check out these seriously amazing hotdogs!

Apparently, little hotdog creatures are HUGE in Japan and are prepared for lunches in their little Bento boxes (which I adore) and also invented 15 years ago when my daughter was in school. I made her an amazing lunch every day (in tupperware), but it was something like the Bento boxes...and I invented that myself too!

This has gotten me totally in the mood to research school lunch kits for kids...check back soon for some awesome links to lunch ideas since school is starting soon.

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