Learning all about Facebook "Landing" Pages

Teaching yourself how to add a landing page to your Facebook page isn't as easy as you might think. It is nice to know that there is more to Facebook than meets the eye though, as I was getting rather bored with it. Facebook is quickly becoming THE place to communicate with potential customers/clients if you're a business person. So that's good to know!

Here are a few places I went to for more info:



After reading about How To add your landing page, you actually have to Create a landing page. That is the step I'm on now...I've created a 520px by 500px image with the info I want to portray. Now I need to figure out how to add the links I want to use into it. Anyone have any suggestions? Ha ha. Now I have to teach myself HTML! Woot!

By the way, the Smart Passive Income site might sound cheesy, but it's actually a great resource site for blogging and Facebook! He might need to change the name??? Watch his video tutorials on YouTube.

That's my update for now! Have a great Friday!

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