Meeting the Treadmill

I decided to take control of my body and start using the treadmill that has been sitting in my bedroom. I have to use it every day from now on...if I don't use it I have to do one of my workout dvds.

The main reason I have "decided" is that my daughter is getting married...sometime next year, no date set yet. But what if the date is sooner than later? I'll be stuck being the chubby mummy of the bride. That would suck.

I saw a super gorgeous dress I want to wear to the wedding I have to get in shape (back in shape) and get rid of this 2 baby belly that feels heavier every day.

My jeans have gone down a size, but my gut hasn't. I think that is because I've been taking apple cider vinegar in water in the morning and it's cleansing my liver. Of course, since Halloween I've consumed all the leftover peanut m&ms and a few Twix bars. Just have to keep going I guess.

So that's my journey this week!

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