It's a Unicorn Picnic Birthday Party!

It's getting close to birthday party madness week. Starts Saturday! Holland is having a "Unicorn's Picnic" party and we'll be decorating our ponies and unicorns in flowers, necklaces and clip on jewels. I will be embellishing a pink t-shirt for Holland to wear with this on it:
design by Lyndsay Johnson
Our color theme is pink and hot pink with turquoise thrown in for a laugh. Hee hee. I've got a friend coming over next week to help me make some giant tissue paper pompoms to hang above the party table.

Ruffled frosting on these healthy red velvet cupcakes with stars on top (unicorns love stars)
Mini hotdogs, chips, pink punch made with cran-apple juice and pink lemonade
Strawberries and grapes on the side

White lunch bags, decorated by moi
Filled with cute little things like: organic lollypops, diamond rings, a unicorn's crown cookie, unicorn stickers (made by moi also)
I will be decorating the bags with the same unicorn image as above but w/ added glitter and ribbons.

Find the unicorn scavenger hunt
Decorate a unicorn horn to take home
Decorate an ice cream cone "horn" to eat
Pin the tail on the unicorn
Magical musical chairs


Dress up your pony or unicorn friend (everyone is invited to bring a stuff pony or unicorn to embellish)
This will take place in the "Pony Pavillion" we will be erecting in the back garden...our white tent with a rug in it, scattered pillows and a mini table full of treasures. We will then take pics of the guests with their pony/unicorn pals. Not sure how many people have unicorns, so ponies will do.

Surprise! I also ordered a pink castle bounce house of our very own. No more renting, so we can use it all summer, and for the next 10 years. We'll surely get our money out of it. OR I will start renting it out to friends with girls.
So...I'll keep you up to date on all the details as we progress...woot! I've got a lot to blog about in May, hope you can handle it!

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