Review of Heritage History Young Readers Edition

First of all, let me say I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea...books available on a cd or on your or your child can read them anywhere! Heritage History has found a way to share out of print books with the world, and I LOVE them!

Each Heritage Curriculum CD includes every thing needed to study a world civilization: a Study Guide, dozens of books, maps, timelines, era summaries, reading recommendations and other learning aids.

I totally DIG THE MAPS included here!

We received Young Readers from Heritage History. Now, I probably made the wrong choice going with this one for a seven year old...Young Reader means 4th grade and up, I imagine. So what I ended up doing is reading aloud to her and it seemed to work just great. Plus, I thoroughly enjoyed reading history myself, as this was what I studied in college. I just finished reading about Captain James Cook, and I think we'll be doing a study on him in the near future!

Reading alive books to learn about history is the best way (in my opinion) to love history too!

Here's how it works:

The Young Readers collection is the introductory unit of the Heritage Classical Curriculum. It is intended for grammar school students who are reading fluently and would benefit from a broad introduction to leading events and characters of Western Civilization.
The Young Readers library includes easy-to-read, engaging selections from many of the other libraries in the Heritage History curriculum series. Most of the books in the Young Readers collection are anecdotal rather than comprehensive histories—that is, they provide short stories selected to appeal to children rather than a complete overview of a civilization. In addition to stories from history, the Young Readers collection includes legends, adapted literature, historical fiction, and short biographies.
The complete illustrated text of 86 books, as well as timelines, reading recommmendations, short biographies, historical images, and a ready-to-print Teacher's Guide for one low price. 

The Young Readers Classical Curriculum represents a broad and age-appropriate introduction to all of Western Civilization. Primary subjects include American, European, and Ancient history, Bible and saint stories, legends and literature. The collection of books touches upon all of the major elements of Western Civilization, but in a child-friendly, easy-to-understand manner.
All of the books in the Young Readers library can be read by an older grammar school student, but they are also appropriate for read-aloud to younger children. And although the stories are told in simple enough terms for a nine or ten-year-old to understand, they are engaging enough to be of interest to older students as well.
The Young Readers library is one of our largest collections, with over eighty books to choose from. Many of the books in this collect are simple enough for a fluent reader to complete in only a few hours, so avid readers may be able to read dozens of books from the collection before moving on to more challenging curriculums. Reading a few dozen of these books will expose students to hundreds of famous historical characters and will be an excellent foundation for future learning.

The Young Readers edition contains plenty of resources to last for several years teaching. It is well worth the $24.99 and includes a teacher study guide that is printable or you can order a full color version from Heritage History. If you have a ton of time you can read each book on the Heritage History website for FREE. But I believe owning 80+ books on a CD is a great space saver on the old book shelves.

Find all Heritage History book lists HERE.

When you first get your CD just pop it in your drive and it starts up for you and there you go! Start reading! With the over 80 books on the CD so you can take your time reading each one or jump around like I did. When using the CD on the computer it is very easy to navigate to the books and read them. They are in an e-pub format which opens and works just like a web page.(The books are all historical books that are now copyright free.  Heritage History has compiled them and reformatted them into PDF, ePUB and Mobi files, giving you the option of viewing them on a Kindle, iPad, your computer, or printed document.) It might take a while to figure out how to navigate through everything, because there is so much to see, so many lists, notes, and information galore! It is probably a good idea to make notes as you go along or print out pages you are interested in right away, that way you will find them again easily!

I am excited to use Heritage History more throughout our home really will last us that long, and there are many more collections of stories (also available to read FREE on the site), which are color coded for elementary through advanced readers, including:


collective and individual biographies


Bible stories and religious biographies

folk tales, legends and mythology

I recommend reading aloud to younger children (in short bursts), have them color or draw a picture that coordinates while you read. It really will sink in and hopefully a love of history will be born.

No matter what age your children are, Heritage History will bring classic literature and history into your home!

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***Disclaimer: As a member of TOS Crew Different Dog received this product for free in exchange for our honest opinion on the product. All opinions are our own. Ruff!

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  1. Nice job, mama! I bought the Young Readers set, too. I am set for books for ages and ages now...just don't tell David. I'd hate to have a reason to stop buying them!