What To Expect This Week - 5/21 Invite a teacher to dinner

Good news! My friend Dee got the job she's been hoping for! Instead of working as a peon in a broom closet she's going back to her level as a director! I'm so happy for her!

This week I plan on doing some organizing in the schoolroom and of the junk that piled up while my dad was visiting. I hid a lot of stuff in my bedroom and the garage (you know, packaging, junk mail, dirty clothes etc...)

Wednesday we have a playdate planned that I need to confirm.

Thursday we invited Darcy's teachers from preschool over for a Teacher Dinner. I was inspired to do this by my friend Trish over at Rudy's Beat. She has done this with all five of her children's teachers and it makes it very special for the child and teacher. The child learns to serve his teacher...they can set the table, bring a drink to the teacher, and help "entertain". I haven't planned the menu, but I'm thinking of the Thai Beef that we love. Darcy will draw pictures and maybe sing her 3rd and Bird Song.

I'm also very excited to have found a new source for raw milk. I tried it last week and was dumbfounded at the yumminess of it! The milk we've been getting is good too, but it doesn't seem as tasty and the cream isn't as yellow. I plan on making my own butter from this...that will be a TREAT! I'll keep you updated.

I can't believe May is more than half over. It's just not right! But at least I got some things planted in the garden and my dad built the chicken coop. More on all that next time! Heh heh!

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