I Still Want a New Couch

We celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary yesterday...we had a bunch of fun adventures planned, but the road trip to Chicago didn't work out. We even rented a cool truck to drive there so we could haul back some sway from Ikea...like this:

I suppose you see my white theme going on? I threw in the blue metal chairs for fun. I want to create a more modern country feel in the house...since it feels so yuck right now. I sold my white sectional, I sold the leather set...I bought the wrong Victorian aqua set (see below), so now it is a modge podge of furniture.

Doug has been great about all my crazy furniture selling and moving around. He has been wonderful for the past 10 years in almost every way.

On our wedding day June 22, 2002
I was reading a book to Holland about what love is. Love is putting others before yourself. It's not that romantic love, that sensual love that is proclaimed by Hollywood. God's love is not that selfish. While I was reading that it really made me think about my love. I want to put my husband and children before myself and love them the way they deserve. That is my goal.

I still want a new couch.
The wrong couch

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