Some Things About Me You May Not Know (and maybe didn't want to know)

I'm feeling a bit grumpy. A little bit schlumpy. It's a dumpy day.

Have you had one of those?

My husband and I had a day (and night) alone over the weekend which was amazing. I'd forgotten that I can actually relax!

But then one of my girls came home from her sleepover with a 102 fever and has not been well all day long...that makes me sad. Grumpy.

And that leave my four year old with no one to play with. So that leaves me.

Goodbye relaxation!

So I thought I'd write a few things down that you may not know about me. This may be TMI...get over it!

  1. I don't answer the door to salesman, JWs and unknown assailants.
  2. I am a germ-aphobe.
  3. I can't do anything unless I have cleaned and tidied the area in which I will be working, playing, sleeping, studying, reading, cooking, etc.
  4. I feel like I don't have any friends about 80% of the time.
  5. I am against the government being involved too much in people's lives. I love the fire department, and the police department, and the military for all their service, but I don't want the Man telling me how to live my life, what kind of food I get to eat, and how to raise my children. This is America???
  6. I've never voted before. I plan on voting this year for a president.
  7. I stay in my pajamas as long as possible every single day.
  8. I hate my hair.
  9. I used to be thin and gorgeous. Now I'm just gorgeous.
  10. I still love past boyfriends I ever had (not that many, people!). I just love my husband much more.
  11.  When I was in college I had a drinking problem (who didn't?)
  12. I don't like tattoos and body piercings...they are creepy.
  13. I have an eating has no name that I know of...I can't eat something if I know it is genetically modified, sprayed with pesticides or irradiated. It goes hand in hand with the germ thing.
  14. I don't like eating out at restaurants. Ask my husband!
  15. I hate cleaning the bathroom.
  16. I'm a collector but I hate clutter. Rock. Hard place.
  17. I'm extremely sentimental.
  18. I hate the bottoms of my feet. (I know, weird).
  19. Pregnancy and childbirth were the scariest and hardest things I've ever accomplished. 
  20. I'm not afraid of anything except the possibility of losing a loved one.
What are some things no one knows about you? Have you ever shared them on your blog?

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  1. I thought I was reading this about myself there for a minute! LOL