Ikea Ektorp Couch Ordered!

You may think I'm a nut for paying $350 for shipping from Ikea to my home in Missouri. But there isn't a store within 8 hours of here...so we figured the cost of driving, the time it takes, the gas, and hotel...it all worked out about the same...except for less adventure!

I ordered the White Slipcovered Ektorp Sofa/Couch. I will never own a non-slipcovered sofa again in my entire life (unless it's leather of course).

Also purchased three Billy bookcases. We may try to do a built in look in the one of the girls' bedrooms or possibly in the breakfast room...

And a 4x4 Expedit white shelf unit (love), a metal cabinet and bedside table, and four metal chairs in white.

I've got big plans to modernize things a bit...can't stand all the highly traditional furniture I ended up with somehow. I guess that's what purchasing at flea markets does for you.

Under the window in the breakfast room I'd like to build a long window seat with storage underneath. This way we can move the table under the light fixture. I can't stand it being off-center. Hoping to get the table repainted in a pale aqua...and I will retrieve the chandelier from the attic and paint it a bright color too...it's brass right now so it's a toss up between white, red, and aqua...what do you think?
There's a pic of it HERE and below:

I'll have to improvise a window covering too, as the lightweight curtains hanging now will be too long...possibly a roman shade or grass shade.

Can't wait till it's set to arrive around July 30th...(I know, I know...but good things come to those who wait).

Ooh, also just read a great article in Better Homes and Gardens about a kitchen remodel at Flea Market Trixie. It's amazing, because it matches exactly what we want to do here in our galley kitchen! You must check it out.

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