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It's been a while since using online video as a complete educational tool. My oldest daughter homeschooled for high school and we joined an online "school", where she watched videos and did homework online. Zane Education has many similar offerings...but at a better price and wide range of subjects and age groups.





For this review we primarily stayed in the Home Education section, but Zane does offer "Extra Curriculum", "Classroom" work, and "Special Education" sections. We also only watched the lower grades' videos as the others were a little dry to keep a 2nd grader interested (although I enjoyed watching/learning all of them!).




Below is a super description of their program, from the Zane Education website:

Visual Learning and Subtitles Benefit All Children…

The inclusion of closed captions or subtitles provides significant benefits for virtually all children – and certainly not only those in schools and those being home educated.
A wide range of Special Needs children, children learning English as a Second Language benefit greatly from Zane’s unique online Visual Learning solution.
The audio-visual nature of video - with the addition of subtitles - provides an online learning solution for the widest range of Learning Styles by providing each child with the ability to watch, read, listen to, or read each video presentation – according to their level of ability and preferred learning style. This enables the information to be processed by each child in the manner that most benefits and interests them, and provides the best learning outcome.

And The Bonus Is…

And there is an additional bonus. The repetitive actions involved in learning to read are very similar to those that help children learn and remember the material they are studying. As a result, using Zane’s subtitled video as a study tool enables the learning of one skill to help reinforce the knowledge being gained by the other, and vice versa.

From what we discovered with Zane Education, we found Videos in many subjects, Quizzes to coincide with the videos and a Study Centre that includes all the items below. Of course, these can only be accessed by logging in to the website.

The great thing about Zane is that you can choose to pay for what you need to use. We reviewed the Gold Membership (there are Bronze and Silver levels too) which gives you full access to all videos and curriculum. The cost for a Gold Membership for one year is $197.89 or $17.99 per month.  Click MEMBERSHIP for full info. Zane also offers a FREE membership that includes:

The best thing about the area we reviewed was the access to many Geography videos and the cute little dragon named Lollipop and his friend Apple Blossom, that made it more interesting for the children to watch and stay seated. 

As the mom, I appreciated having clear objectives given to me in regard to the videos use. These objectives are clearly stated beneath the video viewing area.

We definitely used the lower grade/elementary videos and enjoyed discussing the topics presented (Geography and American History) and look forward to using the Literature and Music Overview of composers as the summer and new school year begin!

We loved the images, paintings/artwork and photographs used in the non-animated videos!

You can also pause the videos if you need a break or quick potty break for the kiddos! Love it! The length of the videos was good too, as they were short enough to keep younger children interested!

Once you log in and get started it's easy to stay focused.

What We Didn't Love:

The cost is high if you are trying to save money. Especially if you want to purchase the full memberships and access all videos.

Some of the videos were very slow paced and seemed repetitive, especially for older kids.

There's a lot of info on there! It was sometimes difficult to navigate all the different subjects and pages on the website. Even with the Guides and planners.

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***Disclaimer: As a member of TOS Crew, Different Dog received this product for free in exchange for our honest opinion on the product. All opinions are our own. Ruff!

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