Still My Beating Heart - Mark Hamill Through The Years - Yikes!

When Star Wars came out in the theaters I was living in England...I was somewhere around 9 years old. I was lucky enough to see Star Wars along with Airplane in a double feature with my parents. Ha ha!
Of course, I immediately fell in love with the young, blond haired, blue eyed boy on the screen. I'm sure many a young girl did...of course, later in life I'm more attracted to the Han Solo character and his charisma. Anyway...Luke did it for me...and continued to do so into my teen years. I was horrified to learn of his car accident that disfigured his Empire Strikes Back he looks much older and his face is a different shape...luckily worked into the films by his being attacked by the snow monster on the icy planet.
Wow! The Seventies really had the hair and blue eyed boys didn't they. Mark is up there with the Cassidys, the Gibbs, and all those long haired youths of yore.

Mark here, is sporting a tux on the red carpet...and almost a perfect mirror image to Brad Pitt in the last decade...

Mark aging gracefully here...he was under-appreciated as an actor, but filled the cartoon alleys and video game halls with his magical voice over work. Above he portrays a priest in Village of the Damned. Check out his long list of work at IMDB.

Mark is now over 60 years old and is yet to be recognized as a singular actor's actor. His latest film called Sushi Girl sounds gritty, dark, and a little scary. I won't be seeing it, but I hope he gets kudos for working outside the box. The picture above is reminiscent of Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler. Yikes!


  1. You are right, I fell in love with Luke to when I saw Star Wars in 77' too when I was 8 .My adoration of Mark has never waned over the years. I do hope one day he gets recognized for the wonderful actor he really is.
    I actually got to meet him in around 96' at a signing, he was so nice to me. Made my heart melt

  2. Im agree, I love Luke Skywalker, since I see him on the cover of Star Wars, thats cuz I havent born when star wars was created,after all, Mark is still my favorite boy ever. I love him!!! He is so talented being an actor, being a voice actor, being a drawer and writing comics, He is so sweet and so tender, and He's the handsomest boy I have ever seen <3