Noticeable Changes I've Felt Since Removing Wheat From My Diet

This is definitely not psychosomatic okay? These are real things I've noticed in the past six weeks of removing wheat and many grains from my diet.


1. No joint pain. Remember my frozen shoulder? All that pain in the shoulder joint is gone. My knees don't ache or crack anymore either.

2. No more incontinence.

3. No cramps during my period.

4. No more brain fogginess. I can actually climb out of bed and be alert in the morning!

5. No wheat cravings whatsoever. Since going through the withdrawals I don't want wheat ever again.

6. My jeans are not tight anymore. I haven't weighed myself but I feel lighter.

7. The double chin that was in the making is not in the making anymore...I think it's gone.

8. Emotions and moods are more steady. I feel calmer and more patient. To find out the truth, ask my husband.


1. I'm still wanting to snack...but have found there is so little to snack on now that I don't do it as much.

2. I still want sugar or something sweet. I haven't had white sugar in six weeks, but I have allowed myself small portions of honey and maple syrup. The maple syrup is now too sweet for me. I don't think this craving is abnormal...humans love sweets, we just have to know which ones we can eat and when. I researched when the best time to eat sweets is, and it's before noon! Whoa! I don't have my cravings then...mostly after dinner time. Also, if you do eat sugar, make sure to include fat and protein with your sugar so it is metabolized more slowly. Avoid those bloodsugar spikes!

3. Exercise. I exercised twice last week and so far this week is zero. I need to move more, get the lymphatic system draining...this is a huge hurdle for me. I think when warmer weather comes I'll be outside more and moving around much more.

4. Sleep. Or lack of.  I'm not getting enough rest. I'm still pretty tired. The time change did not help me. Dogsitting is not helping me. And children with sniffles and bad dreams are hard on moms who are sleep deprived.

5. Caffeine. I've cut back to one cup of coffee. But sometimes I want that second one so bad! It's not fair to not have a vice in life don't you think? I'm working on making my coffee weak enough that I can have a second cup and still taste good. I don't drink it if it's not good.

Where are you in your health journey? I'd love to hear!

I have an appointment with an endocrinologist next month. I called to find out what the first appointment entails and the gal said: "Well, he'll probably do a biopsy and go over all your health history". What? I'm going to need a little more information before I jump on a biopsy. I'll keep you updated.

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