Wheat Free Update #2

It's been a little over six weeks since starting wheat free...I did have a few hiccups last week because I was hosting a baby shower and did a ton of baking (cake, cookies etc.). I had to use up my organic flours somehow right?

Anyway, I ate a scone (or two), I tried the cookies I made, and I ate a few mini salmon-cream cheese sandwiches.

The next day I had a terrible hangover feeling. So, now I know I don't want to eat wheat. For sure.
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Last night I re-read the Wheat Belly Cookbook. I highly recommend the cookbook, as it gives you great recipes to launch from. I have not read the Wheat Belly book, but I will be checking it out from the library when it's available. You might be interested in reading a really good review of it at CarpyHarpy.

I'm also determined to make some great lists of what to eat and what NOT to eat...I'm going to post them here for you too. I'm starting a wheat free section of this blog called My Wheat Free Wonderland, where I will be posting my recipes and tips for being wheat free.

I started this journey before I knew about Wheat Belly, but now I'm glad there's a place to go to find out more about symptoms and questions to ask your doctor. Dr. Davis suggests find an open minded general practicioner or a natureopath, they may be more open to questions and suggestions than say, an endocrinologist.

So...I'm feeling pretty positive, just want to focus on eating less carbs (15 per serving) and getting more exercise. My brain is clear, so I would like my body to reflect my inner self.

Stay tuned for more exciting episodes of My Wheat Free Wonderland!

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