Angry Birds Birthday Party!

We were finally able to pull Holland's 8th birthday party turned out really well, although it took a lot of work. Here's the highlights:
I sketched some posters of pigs and Holland and I painted some posters of the birds to use as decorations. We also used streamers around...we didn't do as much decorating as we usually do.
 I found pig plates and we punched holes in them and strung them up with fishing line. My husband created a giant sling shot for the kids to launch the birds and try to hit the plates. It was a little too windy but the kids still had fun with the sling shot. I will post about the sling shot very soon (made of PVC).

 We decorated cupcakes with angry birds colors and faces - I didn't have to buy much for this except some candy eyes. Holland made hers into Pinkabird/Stella. We opted to do this instead of a traditional birthday cake with candles.
 Here's Holland with her Pinkabird cupcake. She really enjoyed this "craft".

Darcy enjoyed too, but got a ton of crumbs in her frosting. I made extra large cupcakes for this activity, but you can use regular.

Toward the end of the party all the kids decided to have water fights and get completely soaked. That seemed like the best part of the day to me!

Other games we played: launching birds into cups of water marked with points, pop the pig with green balloons tied around their ankles, obstacle course created by my husband.

We also had ice cream could we not? It was a humid day, but the sun wasn't out, so that saved us from getting too hot. :)

I will post links to the the printables I found for the party too...just don't have time to find all the links. I also have some quick movies I'll post too. Thanks for reading!

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