Summer Camp At Home

Sometimes I feel like we don't DO enough during the summer...we love to sleep in, eat cold pizza, watch movies and stuff...but is that enough?  This summer has seen a bit of change (don't know why????), but we've been busy almost every day going somewhere, having friends over, etc.

I have decided to focus on having fun with the girls this summer...because as we know, they do grow up so fast, and they really are getting taller!

Here's what we did yesterday:

1. We painted ourselves and the patio with homemade chalk paint! So much fun! We used 1 cup of cold water and 1 cup cornstarch, 1 T. dish soap, and a squirt of washable tempera paint....mix well!

2. We got worried the paint wouldn't come off the concrete so we started scrubbing and found ourselves having tons of fun jumping around in the water and spraying beetles off the patio!

The girls said this was the "best day ever"! Wow!

3. I gathered some containers and cut them up and Holland helped me create a "water feature" sounds like a fountain when you poke the hose into the top bottle...

4. We also took photos for our Father's Day previews of that! :)

5. And of course, smoothies always hit the spot after a day in the sun!

So that was yesterday! Some other things we can mark off our SUMMER BUCKET LIST:

Outdoor movie night on the patio w/ friends and TON of popcorn and snacks!

Went to a birthday party out in the country and hit a homemade pinata! Really fun!

So that was our first week of summer camp at home...what's on your list of to dos this summer? (they're off to Grandma's this afternoon so I can clean up this messy house! not always so fun).

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