Summer Roller Coaster With Betty Draper Disease

It has been a roller coaster around here for the past few weeks! On top of feeling crummy (probably hormones and allergies and eating wheat), I had to wait 14 days for the results of a biopsy on my nodule (neck). That is enough to make anyone cray-cray!

So, I finally called on Monday and they seemed to have had a back-log of pathology reports. Mine is all clear of course. I knew I felt okay, but if it did turn out to be malignant I was wondering how I would change my life. Because, cancer does change your life. I was imagining I would convince my husband to sell everything so we could travel around the world, or move to a cabin by a lake so I could swim every day. I don't want all this stuff anymore, it feels like a noose around my neck!

Wish I could get this fat suit off like Betty Draper did! In the show Mad Men she also had a nodule on her thyroid that was just making her fat (plus overeating). My thyroid is functioning well, it's just my lack of exercise now.
Photo from AMC

Then, you may or may not be aware that I almost lost my domain name:

It was down to the wire people! I didn't even know it was up for auction. The site was still up and everything was hunky dory...then I got an email from someone who buys domains and she wanted to know if I knew about it. She basically saved us...thank you Marinska. It took me four days to get all the info together (on top of a migraine), and I even got to call Google. They're very nice, btw.  Let me warn you that it ain't easy once you've gone beyond the expiration date. The bidding was up to $1505 at the last minute. And then they pulled it! Woot! Saved by the bell.

Anyhoo...that's over, TG! Now I have another issue to deal with. Am I whining already?

I bought an iPhone last month (after having a Blackberry for 4 years). I decided to go with Virgin Mobile because it's a low monthly payment. That means I switched providers from T-Mobile. So I got a bill yesterday from T-Mobile that had a $100 disconnect charge??? Hello, what am I? Made of money? Just spent that $100 getting my domain back people! So now I have to call them and complain. I don't have a contract so that's just silliness. Have you had issues like this that are seemingly neverending? Looking for some peace and quiet!

On the positive side of life, I don't have cancer! (Not that I believed I did). Also, I finally started swimming at my local YMCA, since we've had a membership for over 5 months! I'm planning on going 2-3 times a week to swim laps. When I was back in the water I knew what I'd been missing...and I still had the moves too. Just need some goggles!
I'm also walking in the mornings now. If I don't walk then I'm going to do T-Tapp. At least 30 minutes in the a.m. and 30 minutes swimming in the evening...not bad for an old couch tot like myself. (grin!)

Got my hair cut and blond highlights put in. Going to get a pedicure this week too, it's been months. Isn't it amazing how much the human body really needs to stay pretty? And I always forget to pamper myself...that is on the list for this summer. If I work out I get pedicures. I will have pretty feet this year.
Don says I can take his picture anytime...ha ha.

I'm also planning on getting back into my photography business idea. I'm going to get a new camera instead of going to California, which is what I really want to do. But I need to come up with a way to make $$...can't stand being broke all the time.

Hope you are having a great summer so's only just begun!

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