Mother's Day Brunch @ Home

My mom

Whole wheat Belgian waffles, sausage, strawberries, hashbrowns...YUM!!!!

Coffee in my favorite mugs

Even though it was Mother's Day today, I decided I would make breakfast. Just because I know it'll be good. And it was so fabulous, I can't even believe it.
Menu: Whole wheat waffles, organic strawberries, creme fraiche, whipped cream, chicken breakfast sausages, hash browns, maples syrup (always real!), and organic coffee.
Me, my mom, and my eldest, Kathryne, sat outside on the deck with a beautiful table cloth and flowers in relative peace. My husband (Hub), corralled the little girls and then took them for a long walk. My dad even popped in for a quick bite! So it was a really good morning.
Then I went to the back yard and started moving junk, old furniture, cleaning leaves and cobwebs and hosing stuff off. It's so yuck back there. I want it to be nice for Holland's birthday party next Sunday. Happy 4th Birthday Holland!!!! (Her true bday is today, but we decided to have the party be next week...) I can't believe how quickly she's grown.


  1. ooh! next Sunday? We should be there!

  2. Lori, we are having a party in the afternoon...if you are in socal, please come!!!! We haven't hung out in ages...Merthes, Harrisons, and Rooneys. Quite a combo!!!
    Of course, I can always do brunch too, but I might have to be cleaning the backyard. Hee hee.