Tips and Links for your home projects

Maybe I'm behind the times or something, or I just never looked around me, but there are hundreds of websites/blogs devoted to revamping furniture, fixing up what you already have etc. And I love that kind of thing because I am on a budget (of sorts).
So I thought I'd post a few great sites and tips I have found for us do-it-yourselfers! Hope you have a great day!

Ikea Hacker - making new things out of Ikea products, ideas submitted by readers. - you might want to check out a promotion Ikea is having, if you spend $600 you get a gift card worth $150! (in select sections only btw). This is through June 14th, 2009.
Also, have you ever checked the "As-is" section at Ikea? The one in Burbank has some amazing deals! Dented furniture, slightly marked fabrics, bits and pieces - really cheap! Last week I saw three corner sofa slipcovers for about $80 still in the package! These run about $199+ new.
- color palette generator for pictures you find on the internet.

Decor8 - a collection of great ideas and cute things to make
and HausMaus by the same gal.

Love Lyzz - Lyzz has some great ideas on using everyday items in unusual ways. She's got cute style too!

Country Living Jane Dagmi
- really really neat ideas and pretty things everywhere.

Cottage Glamour - a lovely read and sweet ideas.

It's Great To Be Home... - a wonderfully useful DIY site that will inspire you!

A Lil' Welsh Rarebit
- here's a fun blog with easy and affordable ideas, and she has a cute baby too!

How About Orange
- easy things to make and buy.

Hughes Estate Sales, Craigslist, Kijiji, yard sales, friends getting rid of stuff, look up estate sale companies in your area and see if they have mark down days.

If you're looking for paint, look at Lowes, Home Depot and Osh for their "seconds" paint. It is usually $5 per gallon or less. These are the ones that didn't get mixed properly or were the wrong color that someone ordered etc. I have gotten a lot of white paint there. Plus you can mix your own from all these. Dunn Edwards has some too, but not many.

Of course, all the other great blogs I've featured on Different Dog can be inspirational too!


  1. Hi there - thanks so much for featuring my blog on this post today. You have a very cute blog yourself - and how cool that have Welsh heritage too!

  2. Thanks for the heads up. Much appreciated!!!!

  3. those look like all great links...and thanks so much for such a lovely comment today on my blog~ you are welcome anytime!!