Allergy Free Baking!

I haven't written about it in a while, but poor Holland's allergies have not cleared up with our move. They got increasingly worse over the first week we were here. A friend of ours is a chiropractor and does muscle testing for we booked an appointment. An hour after we walked through her door our whole world had changed. For at least 2 - 3 months Holland needs to stay away from many allergens so her body can's a real mess. She has a skin parasite and mold allergy. She's pretty much on a vegan diet, but can still eat meat. Here's the short list: no wheat, no milk or dairy products, no yogurt, no yeast, no corn, no cucumber or artichokes, no peanuts, no pecans, no walnuts, no corn syrup. Luckily I don't give her corn syrup anyway eh? Ha ha. Metals were also showing up in her system...
So, I have been learning how to make her meals without all those things and I'm always worried she's not getting enough to eat, or enough nutrients. She also does NOT drink enough water! Then, she ate french fries over the weekend and had a light break out. She ate raisins and a tangerine yesterday and had a terrible outbreak. Those things weren't on the list man!!!
I've stocked up on a ton of rice flour, soy and almond milk, sunflower seed butter, tofu, soy cheese, rye bread, earth balance, oatmeal, nitrite free hotdogs, rice cookies and crackers. And lots more. I've probably spent about $400 in the past few weeks on her food. This does not include the run to urgent care for antihistamine syrup and a steroid cream. Nor does it include the remedies from the chiropractor or the pH balancing water we have to buy. She's very acidic too.
Today I spent the day baking some cookies for the neighbors as Christmas gifts and working on recipes for Holland. There is not much this child can eat that is pre-made.
A few days ago I tried out Bob's Red Mill's gluten free chocolate cake mix. Delicious, but I think I can do that on my own. I also made some banana bread bars. Pretty good but a bit ricey. Rice flour is kind of weird btw. I won't post the recipe until I perfect it! The batter was gross but better baked.

Holland loves the tummy yummies made with semi sweet chocolate chips, coconut oil, carob chips, chopped almonds and crispy rice cereal. So do I actually. I'll post the recipe here.

Below are some examples of the amazing oat scones I made today.
I ate three, and the girls ate 5 or so. The whipped cream is made from soy.
I found it at my local grocery store in the healthy section of the fridge.
Made in Germany!

And I had to mention how amazing this soy milk is.
I got it in Kansas City at Wholefoods, and haven't found in locally yet.
It tastes fabulous and is organic. Regular Silk milk is not organic.

Anyway, if you have any miracle cures for eczema I would love to hear them!
You have to try those scones too!

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  1. Hi Sarah,
    I came across your blog and wanted to suggest you have a look at mine. I was sick for a long time, slowly worked my way through it and now teach others to repair their intestinal and immune systems. You may find some info on my blogs that may help your daughter heal more quickly.

    Good luck and keep the faith, she can heal from this! sharon