What The Different Dog has been up to this summer:

I've been busy, but have time to do nothing too...the girls have been having fun playing My Little Pony a lot, and Polly Pockets. We also got a little above-ground pool so they swim in there on the hot days. (Well, every day is hot!)

Here's a short list of what I've been doing:

1. Painting walls and furniture
2. Planning the bathroom rip out and remodel
3. Went to Branson a few times (hot!)
4. Gardening, watering, weeding
5. Cleaning up ponies and pollies
6. We did swimming lessons and are now doing ballet on Saturday mornings
7. Visiting garage sales, flea markets and any kind of sale
8. Blogging
9. Planning home schooling for the fall
10. Wishing I had a cabin on a lake to go to for the summer
11. And now getting used to this new Blogger format

Visited a Barn Sale yesterday...isn't this gorgeous?

Found this little beauty at a flea market...I'm painting it gray!
What are you doing this summer?


  1. Oh my gosh. That's gorgeous. Can't wait to see it painted.

  2. What a treasure! Can't wait to see it painted!!

    I am falling VERY behind in both blogging and reading blogs.

    We are surfing TONS and swimming and anything to do with water actually!

    And I am actually enjoying my children for hte most part :)