What Does Caffeine Do For You?

I've always loved coffee...since I was about 16 or so...the comfort of holding that steaming hot mug has been something I've enjoyed turning to throughout the years. Add a few years working in a coffee shop and I was hooked!

Caffeine can cause issues in some people...it can cause bladder pressure and a lack of the feeling like you need to urinate. So the bladder fills up with more urine and then you get a little leakage. Too much information? I don't think so.

Ever since I've had my last two children (over age 36 when I had them) I have had a very small problem with leakage. It was annoying and I was getting tired of it. I kept wondering why I had the problem!

Fast forward to today and I watched the popular TV show The Doctors. I put two and two together and figured out what my incontinence was caused by...consuming too much caffeine during the day.

Because I've also cut out sugar and wheat, and lowered my caffeine intake, I haven't had the leaking problem! This isn't something I usually mention on my blog, but I had to say it out loud so I won't forget to notice this! I've also been noticing that I need to go more often during the day now! Wow!

So here's what I'm trying to do: in the morning don't make coffee right away. I'm having a glass of filtered water with a tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar and waiting one hour before making breakfast and having only ONE cup of coffee. When I make the coffee it has to be delicious and worth it...ie. organic, tasty, and if it's not I don't finish the cup.
I've also cut out black tea and I'm drinking green tea w/ jasmine and pomegranate tea too.

During the day I'm focusing on drinking more water and juicing vegetables for an added vitamin, mineral boost.

I'm supposed to be staying away from stress but that doesn't seem to be happening.

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