March Health Update

March has come finally...and I'm so grateful. I was about to go crazy with how long February was lasting!

Updates: I didn't go off of caffeine completely. I did remove wheat though about the middle of February, and went through severe withdrawals...I actually thought I was sick or getting a brain tumor.

I got an appointment with an endocrinologist for late April. I can't believe it will take 2 months to see him. I guess my thyroid nodules are not dangerous...uh huh?
Oh, that's right, not sure I mentioned this, but I had an ultrasound done on my neck and they found 2 nodules, and a cyst of my thimus. I have not had a discussion with my doctor about this, he just referred me to the endo. Not really happy about it.

My thyroid was checked and the T3, T4, and TSH levels were in the normal range. I did research on this and apparently the normal range is quite large. So my thryoid could still me slow, but functioning enough (my Chinese doctor told me this about 4 years ago). I am taking Kelp tablets and upping my calcium. In case I'm iodine deficient...iodine is super important and most Americans are deficient. It affects the way we sleep and our moods. Isn't that amazing.

I've been doing so much reading on health that I feel like my brain is so full of information that I have to share it with someone...that's you!

Back to the wheat. I knew I was addicted to wheat, because I love baked goods, fresh bread, and noodles. I went cold turkey along with sugar. Those 14 days were bad. I was dizzy, got vertigo, bad headaches and major fatigue and brain fogginess. Then I woke up and felt better and amazing!!!

Since then I have stayed off wheat, it's about 4 weeks. I have had sugar though which I want to cut out completely too. I have consumed very limited amounts of rice and oats which cause blood sugar to rise (carbs)...but lots of almonds. I've had some corn too which is a high sugar carb, but I think I may be either allergic or intolerant of corn. I've never had allergy tests done (skin/blood), so it's hard to know.

A few days ago I finished reading Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis. It pretty much cemented all the reasons I had to NOT EAT WHEAT. Dr. Davis filled an entire book with all the science of it, so I won't go into laymans terms...basically, wheat is bad because it's not really wheat anymore. It's been messed with so much by scientists that he calls in a Frankengrain. And I believe it!

Plus the food industry has shoved wheat and its bi-products into many of the packaged foods on the market today. What would they do with all the parts...throw them away? Of course not. Think of wheat bi-products like a hotdog I guess...full of all the leftovers of an animal?

Plus, wheat is addictive. My brain told me so when I was trying to stop eating it. It kept yelling at me and saying, just eat some more wheat and this feeling will go'll feel better! Wheat acts like an opiate in the brain, similar to nicotine and heroin. I'm not kidding.

How I'm Feeling Now: 

I feel lighter. I don't have brain fog. I'm not as tired mentally. I feel like I'm in a better mood and more patient with my children. I want to spread the word to my sad, sick friends. My joints and bad shoulder are improved 100%. I haven't had an ache in my knees or elbows and my shoulder feels almost normal! What?

What To Expect:

I haven't weighed myself but I feel like I am losing something. Wheat causes more visceral fat to grow on our internal organs, so if I lose that fat first I won't be able to tell as quickly. My face isn't swollen looking anymore so I expect I will lose a few pounds. I will try to get weighed at my Dr. appt in April and I'll let you know if there is good news.

Spend More To Save More

That's get off wheat and packaged foods you may have to spend a little more money may have to giveaway or throw away your packaged foods in the pantry. Don't feel guilty. Give it to a foodbank or a needy family.

Investing in yourself and your family's health is a good way to spend your money. If you eat junk food and spend money to go to the doctor all the time...what's the difference? Wouldn't you rather be healthy in the long-term and not end up with some horrible disease when you're 70-80?


So I think I'm on the right track. I will be comparing Wheat Belly to Nourishing Traditions this week. There will probably be a stand-off. :)


  1. You're a very strong person to give up wheat. I heard about Wheat Belly when I was reading the magazine "Prevention" and I'm considering not any breads or grains but it is very HARD for me and I'm afraid of the withdrawals symptoms you were mentioning.I'm not a happy person when I don't have a specific food item and I LOVE bread. lol I hope everything works out for you and You'll be my inspiration!. :)

    Merna Connors.

    1. Thanks Merna. I'm encouraging my mom to go off wheat...she is a diehard wheat and pastry lover...she's cut way back and is only eating sprouted bread once a day. She's feeling better already! Aches and pains are diminishing and no gas!
      It gets easier as you go really...I haven't fallen off the wagon at all! I'm a proud no wheat eater and I'm fairly sure I won't go back for a long time.
      I haven't had table sugar either, but I need to cut back on natural sugars like honey...and maybe chocolate. I'm allowing myself those things on the weekends. I also made popcorn with maple syrup caramel on Friday night and it was amazing! Caffeine in the morning is my big hurdle right now...good luck Merna!